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Day 139

Man of Steel... Buns

Ooooft, watched the new Superman film.

I was a happy bunny. He was quite the bit of tasty. It was nice just to let my brain hang out, appreciate the movie and appreciate the casting. Daydreaming of biting those pecs... Ahem! Yes, I am aware I'm a little bit of a perv haha.

Good film. For a change, Louis Lane wasn't annoying! Yey! Got a bit fed up of lets smash up every building in sight, and lets let the military throw everything that explodes in the general vicinity of the enemies, even though we know already that no firearms or missiles made a dent last time... I'll just keep shooting my gun.

Still managed a few heart stopping moments, and a few pull on the heartstrings for poor Clarky.

I've enjoyed my movie night.

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