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Day 544


I’ve just given Ma a foot massage. It's the best present I can give her. She was in ecstasy. It makes me feel good to know how blissed out she is. She deserves it. She lives in such a private hell. When I asked her how her time with Buddy was she didn’t talk about it. She was off hand. But I am certain she must have had a good time as I know he will have been very patient and attentive. She doesn’t feel she can say anything good about him lest it offends me. She’s picked up on my childish envy. Poor Ma. No one to confide in. She is ultra careful. I wish she could unburden herself. At least I gave her 10 minutes of pure pleasure this evening.

Otherwise the day was good. A came for coffee. And I went for a walk in S with my three boys. We even went into the garden. I am getting a little sad around the edges because soon Owl and Sunny will be gone.

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