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Day 723

Matters of the heart

Went to the cardiologist with Ma. It was 7 in the evening and he wasn’t friendly. But he was accurate and kindly enough. He must have been tired working that late.

He said Ma does have a severe problem with one of the valves in her heart. He was surprised it hadn’t been picked up before. The good news is that the operation is relatively simple and there is only a 2% chance of complication. Within a month of it she will not be breathless any more and will have her energy back. If she doesn’t do it she will get more and more tired and be dead in two years. If she does do it she is looking at a good number of years ahead of her in reasonable health. He said she is the perfect candidate for this operation and he advised her to go ahead with it.

So did I. She came up with a lot of irrelevant objections: it was a palava, too expensive, not necessary. I said it was all a question of whether or not she wanted to live. She admitted at the end of the evening she does want to live.

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