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Day 303

Mother and Daughter

Every day that I spend inside my shop, I see many puppies, which makes me broody in the sense that I really want another jack russell.

But each day I see many children too. I normally have them approach me when I'm working on the shop floor with the animals and they watch me in silence, I'll normally offer them to come pet the critter I'm handling, sometimes I offer them to name it too. It makes me so broody, to see children and families all together and happy. Parents teaching their little one about animals and such. Love.

... You know what I can't wait to be one day?

A mother.

I can't wait to (hopefully) have a little, blonde girl. I'll let her go barefoot, let her grown her hair long like my mother didn't let me for a long time, I'll teach her all my languages and take her all over the world to meet her family and see the world just as I did growing up.

I will teach her culture, have her see the magic in reading and writing and creative skills. I'll teach her all I know about animals. I know she will be amazing... I love her already.

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