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Day 534

Mother's Day and Sunday fun day

Mother's Day and Sunday Funday

I had a lovely day with my mum etc on Sunday and then when everyone was clearing out N and I took our dogs to the beer garden.

Prince ( the big rottie) was N's family dog but N bought him, providing when we buy our house it's big enough we're keeping him rather than N's mum having him because he's so close with N (N trained him) and he truly is a beautiful, loving dog.

Bertie is our 4 month old puppy that we re-homed from a family that couldn't cope. He's a short haired Pomeranian crossed with a chihuahua which sounds awful but he is actually one of the most well behaved puppies I've come across ( though if you have any tips I'd love to hear them, especially on toilet training)

I have had such a lovely day if my family and doggies!

Also, I tried Fanola no yellow shampoo and it's VERY RUNNY but boy does it work! Would 100% recommend for coloured hair!

Truly feel very lucky today.

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