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Day 65

Mother's Day Problems

This will be the first Mother's Day since our parents stopped talking. Usually we'd spend half the day with my mom and half with his, and Honeybun thinks we'll do that this year. But I think I'll have to ask Honeybun if I can just spend the whole day with my own mom.

She's depressed, she's miserable, and I understand a lot has changed in one year. She may be spiteful now, she disapproves of Honeybun and his family, and she disapproves that I am no longer her possession, but she's still my mother. I miss her. I truly do want her to be happy, I'm just not willing to sacrifice my own life to become her possession again, which is what she wants.

She's told me all she wants for the day is to spend all day at home watching television together. I feel like I should give this to her after the awful year she's had, but I don't want to offend Honeybun's mom for not spending time with her too.

Would I be awful for suggesting we each spend the day apart with our respective mothers? I've written his mother a letter thanking her for all she's done.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    11 months ago

    I think that would be fine, Otter. It does sound like your mum would really appreciate you doing that for her and Honeybun should smooth the way for you with his mum. She's not your mum and she'll have Honeybun. xx

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