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Day 647

Moving on

Sunny is with E in Venice. He’s sent us a number of photos and texts. Poor E looks sad, like she needs a hug. I know that look.

And I asked J if he’d like to go out for a bike ride between now and Thursday. Twice I've turned him down.

Mowed the lawn, along with Peachy, Owl and Sunny before he left. We need a new mower. Ours is small and leaves loads of clippings which means you need to go over it all twice.

Went to the gym this morning. Owl was supposed to come with me but he couldn’t get out of bed. I don’t blame him. I struggled myself. Two glasses of champagne last night and I’m knocked side ways.

Had a very nice email from S, Tiggy Winkle’s daughter, saying thank you for last night’s supper. She likes us as much as we like her " a hit! That’s wonderful, unexpected and happy. After so long hearing about each other it’s very good. Will take away the suspicion all Tiggy Winkle’s children harboured for us.

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