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Day 559

My 15 year old son

Our main topic of conversation and concern is Apple. He won’t work. We saw two of his tutors on Friday morning. Apple sat with us, eyes half closed; a scowl, almost, on his lips. He nodded when he had to. Then he walked away and did nothing. All weekend he has done nothing. At supper this evening he said he did not know what homework he was supposed to do. But he discovered it and at nine o’clock he sat down to do it. It’s done. One sheet of paper: French looked up on google translate. He’s learnt nothing from it.

He spends minimum time with any of us. Not surprising. We ask too many questions, make too many suggestions and are full of foreboding. He wouldn’t come for a beautiful walk with me and Peachy this afternoon, through vineyards, hop fields, sheep and past a waving windmill. He has sat in his room in front of his computer all weekend. I went up to help him organise his books yesterday and he was angry and rude to me.

We don’t like him, although we do love him. We care. But he’s bad company. Unfriendly, aggressive and stubborn.

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  • TreasureHiding TreasureHiding
    9 days ago

    My daughter is going through the same stage, though she is doing her school work.
    We're making her to do more around the house. Want to play on the computer? Load the dishwasher first. Also, her computer is in the kitchen, not her bedroom.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    9 days ago

    I'm afraid we are too late to move his computer downstairs now. Very difficult. You're doing better than me.
    How are you?

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  • TreasureHiding TreasureHiding
    7 days ago

    I'm ok, thank you. Still two more Chemo rounds to go, but I'll be done by Christmas.

    I'd say I'm doing different, not better. It certainly is difficult.

    You can always switch the WiFi off!

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  • George Smith George Smith
    6 days ago

    Well done, TreasureHiding, for keeping going so stoically. What a relief it will be over by Christmas... but it must feel like ages. Just one day at a time.
    ... I could switch of the WiFi but my husband is using it every night until the early hours of the morning - an insomniac. :(

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