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Day 50

My first romance

If there is one thing for which I'm grateful in my life, it is that I've been lucky enough to know what romance is about. I've fallen in love several times throughout my nearly 6 decades on earth, had my heart broken many more, yet I still enjoy it each and every time it happens.

My first big romance was when I was in college - I didn't date much in high school as I was extremely shy around girls, but when I was 20, I met a lovely woman who happened to be a friend of a friend.

It was almost 40 years ago, and I'll never forget her, because she was funny and kind and beautiful. We never had less than a great time together, whether it was tossing frisbies around, dancing at a party, snuggling together for a movie or just doing all the fun things that one does when you're in bed together. She was incredibly sensuous, and there were times when I could make her cum just by stroking her nipples softly.

But our romance couldn't last and it wasn't because there was anything bad between us. We just drifted apart, went our separate ways. Kiss goodbye.

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