Day 655

My Minion!!!

Hi everyone. Its been a long long time. But mostly everything has been good.

This morning lying in bed with V chilling and chatting. I told him the minion story. Not sure if i mentioned it here before. But years ago when the despicable me films first came out. I loved them, I even said to my ex as a joke that I was going to marry a minion when I grew up. The ex didn't take it well, got into a foul mood and wouldn't talk to me lol. Any way, V said was my minion. Which, not only made us both laugh a lot. But made my heart flutter a lot. Yes I love him a lot, and can not imagine being with any one else. But he has stated in the past that he wouldn't be looking for a divorce from his ex wife. So any talk of marraige is a moot point. Plus the fact that I will have to wait another year or so before even considering divorcing my ex. Lol.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Miss you all. Lots of big hugs and kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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