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Day 12

My Monday

Had yesterday off, as I felt like poo and had a really bad headache ( I hate to say migraine) on such a lovely day. But the curtains were closed.
So today was my Monday. Where I work, 1 day off means a back to work interview and a stint on the naughty step. It's just not worth the hassle but I was too ill to even sit at my desk and look miserable. So I went in and gave it a go today. :-(

Wondering if my reaction to fantasy man, PC, eg, loosing weight, has left me too thin. The skin is starting to sag more than is attractive so my mission is to add a bit of weight ( but not before I aim for 47Kg, just to see if I can do it!). Before anyone panics, I am only 5 foot high, so this is not a worrying weight, but anything lower would start to be. I have lost my big hips but unfortunately I've also lost my wonderfull DDs. But I'm still me.

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  • :)isgood :)isgood
    90 months ago

    Hope you achieve your goals and feel better soon :)

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