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Day 135

My Penguin Friend

Since my entry for today (Monday) mysteriously cut short, I'm just moving a day back and will add the thoughts here instead. :) A college friend is desperate for a visit. I call her "Penguin." She is very antisocial, and I am her only friend. I've had to cancel my visit multiple times over the last couple of months, and she has started to get frustrated. Thus, I will be visiting her this weekend. She has just had a baby and is struggling with single-mom life. Thankfully her parents let her move in with them. She lives pretty far away, and I honestly wish I could avoid the visit. She can be a bit naive sometimes, but she comes across as rude, demeaning, and entitled. Yet she needs a friend right now, and I'm the only one she's got. So, I'll be making the 4-hour drive there on Saturday morning and then driving back Sunday afternoon. She's dissatisfied that my visit will be so short, but I cannot take the time off work right now. She is also expecting me to bring Christmas gifts for her and the baby. What happened to my resolution to be more "selfish" this year?

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  • George Smith George Smith
    3 months ago

    Oh, Otter, this is a tricky one but instinctively I don't think you should be doing this. I really don't. Please think up an excuse and pull out otherwise you'll be unhappy from now until you get back home - all that time on the road, money on the petrol, and then her being grumpy and miserable at the other end. Hmmmmm.... time for you, no? She does have her parents and she should make friends locally with other new mums. She shouldn't be looking to you when you live so very far away. xx

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  • runcicle runcicle
    3 months ago

    She is undoubtedly unaware of all the characteristics that you mention and they, among possible others, are the cause of her being a single mum.

    Give her the greatest gift that any person can give another.

    Make your journey worthwhile.

    Tell her.

    (This is the opportunity that you have asked for, and now been given, to change her life (and yours)(and in accordance with your resolution)).

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