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Day 25

My second and last girlfriend

I had become really good friends with F. We met to chat almost every day, played squash and often went for walks. I really wanted F to be more than a friend, but didn't want to lose her friendship if she said no.

I was in the background when a mutual friend asked her out and was very relieved when she turned him down. Christmas came, and I made sure that F got a special Christmas card rather than the cheap supermarket ones all my other friends received. F's mum saw the card I got her, and made F blush with a knowing smile I was told later.

After the holidays I decided something had to be done. We went on a long walk in the woods near the river, and as she stood near the railings I summoned up the courage - then chickened out when I thought of the long walk back if she said no.

A few days later we were sitting in my room. "W-w-will you go out with me" I said. "What!", said she. Too late now I thought and asked again. "All right", she said.

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