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Day 23

My step son

So my step son knows now about his father's infidelity. How low a man can stoop by swearing falsely on a cross that he has no relationship with the woman when he is taking her on holidays or seems not to get her out of his f****** head. Or is that all he can think is about having s** with her? My husband is 50. Tomorrow is our first day with a legal counsel on the way to divorce. all becos of his adultery and obsession with this 1 pathetic piece of shi*.
I feel so sorry for my child who is just 12 to know that what an as***** his father has been. Was it fair on my behalf to confirm about his father's wrong doing to a child when he found out. I feel so pathetic that i could not hide it from him after 2 years being his mom. Pls advise is it right for the child to know? I feel so low.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    17 months ago

    If he found out himself, then your not at fault. Your husband should have spoken to his son himself and told him the truth. Xxx

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    17 months ago

    My mother asked me if she should divorce my mean drunk for a father when I was 12yrs old. I wish I would've said 'yes!'. Your son is older, smarter and more mature than you think he is. BE HONEST and tell him everything. At this point, you should be treating your son like an adult because adult responsibilities are headed his way fast.

    And YOU beautiful lady, need to go see a therapist. Why? Because you have plenty years of life to ENJOY. Prevent yourself from being stuck on this one loser husband event for the rest of your life. Learn to move on no matter how difficult it is.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT to give your days ahead to someone that doesn't deserve the days you gave already.

    BIG HUGS xo

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