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Day 3

My trip to France!

At the night of 1st of June I had a flight to Paris to meet with my French boyfriend. I picked me up from the airport and we drove to Paimpol, Bretagne where his grandfather used to live and where he describes as the place where he wants to die. It has been a bit longer than one month since we saw each other for the last time. I was feeling a bit weird about that and after meeting with my ex to pick my stuff up from his place I had started to question the relationship-y thing that I am in. Still there was that attraction that we have for each other. And it was easy to think like oh okay I will see him and will break up with him while I was away from him. But when I see him it is not that easy. Anyway, the voyage took so long. Almost 13 hours. We stopped to have sex in the car and sleep a bit and to see an island on our way. It was good overall. Except the fact that I found the application "Tinder" in his phone.

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