Day 5

Need to escape

It is a rough day. Last night was horrific. After months of trying to get over all the traumatic events, and all the friends who left me, I was forced to see some of them last night.

I think about it at least once a day. I think about what my life used to be, and how I had no idea I would be living this nightmare one day.

I wish I could escape. I wish I could leave more soon. It is not fair that I have to live as a prisoner in my own town.


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  • Waiting for a life Waiting for a life
    69 months ago

    So sorry. x

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  • Beautiful Disaster Beautiful Disaster
    69 months ago

    That doesn't sound good , what keeps you so trapped ? x

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  • What! What!
    51 months ago

    Tell us more as your message is a bit vague. Remember you are anonymous.

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