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Day 4

New phase of my life

I've done counselling before and I disliked it. I dont feel I trust my therapist enough to share my thoughts, and sometimes they don't communicate well across.its awkward. But most of all, I dislike going to the clinic and feeling like a patient.

And I think I can figure out my own life.

Moving on to a new phase of my life. I'm excited. I'll be doing an internship that hopefully starts my journey into the field I've chosen. It's an exciting one.
I'm also going on a summer adventure to another country, which I'm really excited for bease I haven't had a holiday in ages.
I'm also gonna live at home now. Getting to hang with my mum and sis makes me happy.

I will also practice being considerate to others. Doing this is what really marks out this phase of my life as significant.

For starters, I'm sending out good vibes to every reader stumbling upon this ~~~~ ^^ All the best for this week.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    15 months ago

    All the best to you....Replace every negative thought with a Positive one

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