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Day 307

Next year you'll be 50, dad!

I got dad a birthday card and homemade banana bread with buttercream frosting. He loved the card because unlike the others he'd gotten, with 'you're the greatest' and 'best guy ever' and all that soppy Hallmark jazz, my card had no typography on it, just a Jack Russell in space, farting rainbows.

Inside the card read, 'I hope you have a birthday as unique as a dog farting rainbows'. It's just my sort of card!

We spent the day at a café, dad working on his laptop, me crocheting new patterns, watching the world go by and occasionally throwing the rocks Winston would give to me, his butt wiggling wildly with anticipation.

Later this afternoon, Georgina, Simon and Ebha had a drink with us and Ebha had painted me a picture of me, her and Winston. Apparently, she was up most of last night painting it for me.

My. Heart. Melted.

She is so cute, I had seen her adoring my crochet baskets so I had spent my restless hours last night crocheting her a little basket for hairbands, jewellery, etc. She was so excited about it, fancy that!

This evening we are at a friend's villa having a heated pool party. Mucho gusto fiestas!

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