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Day 20

Night Time Adventures- Laura (Part Four)

Her beauty stuns me. Light brown hair, with a hint of blonde. A natural friendly face, with a unique edgy nose. Her skin looks so soft, and her aura is so welcoming. We talk for a while, she isn't English- Which doesn't matter to me because I can speak French. She tells me about the young boy, her brother. How her family is saving up for him to get a new thumb, as the thumb he has is deformed and it bothers him. I tell her about my studies in England, and how one day soon I hope to return.

Its strange how well we are getting on, I feel so close to her and yet I barely know her. The day passes us by, as we splash each other in the lake and she lays her her head on my lap, as we gaze at the stars above. Both of us just living in the moment, enjoying each others company. Laura. That's her name. I think she likes me too. I want to kiss you Laura, I whisper.

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