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Day 2

Night Time Adventures-Monsters (Part Two)

"Come here, and check this shit out", I hear them shout as they turn into a dark corner. I start to run trying to catch up. I get to them, and find them queuing up at a stall. "Whats going on?" I ask. They tell me this is a stall with advanced technology that can make you look like a monster. Interesting, I haven't seen anything like this before. There is a restaurant like menu on the side, advertising certain things you can have. My mates are smiling idiotically. I can tell they want to buy something.

I wouldn't mind getting something as well, if only for a laugh. Don't really want to be the odd one out. The workers here scare me a little though, they look freaky and make me feel uncomfortable. They seem eager for us to buy something, too eager. One of my mates goes first, and comes back with razor blades shooting out of his dick. Very realistic looking!

My next mate comes out with horns covering his whole body. My turn now. Its going to be a surprise for me, and my mates. They put me to sleep for a while...

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