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Day 353

No call last night, but a visit today

My wife wanted to speak to the kids yesterday teatime, which was fine. She then wanted to speak with me afterwards. Talking about coming to church with us on Sunday, or getting a taxi there.

She's being all lovey-dovey with the kids, and then talking about that, as if everything is going to go back to the way it was.

She said I could call her later in the evening, but I said that I wasn't going to.

She's wanting to see the kids, so I'm hoping to take them in to see her this afternoon. I just need to leave work a bit earlier. I have plans to see a friend and her son tomorrow. I've told her the broad outline of the situation. She's been through a divorce and since re-married and had a son. She kind of understands. She doesn't know the full picture though, so she won't understand fully. I'm planning on not telling my wife that we're going there. She can just be annoyed with me afterwards.

She texted today to say that she's now going to go to a different church on Sunday.

Hoping for a peaceful, productive, evening tonight. Some housework needs done.

Not too much social media...

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