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Day 229

Nosey rubs!

Back to my little room .Back to studying until my head explodes!! Mousie's brain will melt if I am not careful!

Meeting and greeting everyone after the long summer break ....... Nosey rubs for you....and you......oh and oooohhh ooohh yes definetly you Roo !!
Roo has become even more beautiful since we parted in the spring. She is fitter than ever and is still with Bunny.One day they will break up and I will be there to comfort Roo lol !! (In my dreams)
Thumper is a hoot just now , she is offering to cook for us at weekends but she can't cook ..she really can't. I do love her for all she is , good and bad.
I know this year is going to be hard for both of us especially towards early spring but we will cope by supporting each other.
Oh by the way ..I avoided the temptation to meet Pool lady you will be glad to know.
Beaver 1 outperformed herself yet again in getting us safely here although she is making a strange squeeking sound when cornering.All is good my nibblers!! Love Mousie

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  • Tammie Tammie
    10 months ago

    Glad to hear your settling back into uni. And soo glad you didn't meet up with pool lady. Good luck for the new year in uni. Hope all goes well hun. Xxx

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