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Day 421

Not one of the flock

I guess I am a TV snob! The older I get the more 'discerning' I am.
I used to watch a lot of TV but it's getting less and less, I never watched the soaps and now I find that I am loathe to invest in watching a long term serial. The last series I watched was Broadchurch. I do enjoy science programs and I do watch Blue Planet. WH will watch any old rubbish, often working down through the station lists to end up with a film on the horror channel, that's if there is no football on.

At work they talk about 'Strictly' or 'X factor' or 'IACGMOOH', picking apart each program and ohing and ahing over the latest scandal. I cannot join in, I do not know what they are talking about.

Left on my own I often switch off the TV and find a book - sometimes I fantasize about not having a TV at all!!. I have just taken up making stained glass panels which is delightfully time consuming on a winter's evening.

I guess I am just a bit odd!

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  • Tammie Tammie
    12 months ago

    Your not odd at all. I'd much prefer a book and a bit of music playing. The lids love the tv and watch lots of different things.

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