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Day 257

Note to self: Cherish each moment as it happens

Today we had this thing at work and it was a bumpy start. R was 30 mins late and not particularly apologetic about it when she had an uber and a coffee waiting. Got to the place on time and actually the rush wasn't needed as we had an hour to leisurely talk and catch up after the holidays.
It was lovely to see the friendly and familiar faces and all the hugs! Then we had some workshops and a break. I saw R waiting for JJ and I joined him.
Then JJ and I got talking and we ended up seating and having a lovely talk. I had missed this so much!
We had a good 20 minutes of unadulterated, uninterrupted talking time. Like we used to. It was great. I told him some things that had been on my mind about us and he apologised for taking me for granted. It was a great, honest exchange between two friends who care for each other and find spending time together very valuable if challenging in our hectic work environment.
So we made a pact, we'll aim to meet for lunch once a week so it happens at least every fortnight...

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