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Day 617

Oh, what a strange day....

Both of my sisters married weak men; it was an unfortunate coincidence, but neither were able to take care of them properly. Maybe my sisters were too strong willed, but it seems to me, they went into these partnerships as adults with their eyes open, so why couldn't they step up when needed?

My younger sister had to work herself nearly to death because her husband refused to get a full time job for the health insurance she needed. When my older sister became ill, abusing pills and alcohol, her husband was similarly unable to step up and help her through it. Weak men, early deaths.

I noticed yesterday that while there were stones for my parents, grandparents and my older sister, there was none for my younger sister. She died on the West Coast, her partner had her cremated, and I have no idea what he did with her ashes - I think she wanted them scattered on Mt. Rainier.

So it was very weird that I had to contact both of them today to erect the stone, one to get a death certificate, the other to relinquish the right to be buried in the family plot.

Strange day, indeed. Glad it's over...

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