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Day 14

Old Feelings?

I like the same boy from last year. Before people get onto me about liking a boy that didn't work out, let me first say it was because I couldn't handle my emotions. I was a friestman & didn't exactly know how to handle things like that. Long story short I pused him away EVEN THOUGH I STILL LIKED HIM & he went out with another girl. I guess that was his way of getting over me cuz he still had feelings for me as well. We started talking again this year and we've gotten close again. I like him & I see him every passing period. I talk to him in school every day. We're both sophomores in high school. My feelings are coming back for him... & I think his are coming back for me too. (maybe false hope thinking) But I really don't want the concequences of dating to ruin our friendship if it ever gets to that point. I love being friends with him & I really don't want it to end. He's a really good friend & I don't have many friends like that. I just don;t know what to do about it. Help?

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  • runcicle runcicle
    80 months ago

    Be friends. So valuable.

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  • TheLovelyMe TheLovelyMe
    80 months ago

    I just don't know how to be just friends with someone I care so much about though.

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  • FizzyLiquorice FizzyLiquorice
    79 months ago

    Firstly don't feel guilty about your feelings - they are just that, feelings. They can't be told who to like and who not. You do however have a choice about how you act on them (or not). Secondly I think it's maybe best to take your time with him this time around. Be friends, spend time with him on your own without any ideas about how it will go - just enjoy spending time with him and that will help you clarify if he has feelings for you. Stay cool for now though and don't make him your main focus. Fill your life with lots of things and people you love, then if something does work out it'll be a nice bonus, but either way you'll still be a happy person.

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