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Day 567

On the Road to Wellness... a few bumps....

Monday night the pain returned, after nearly a week of peace. Took one med, then brought in the big guns. Tuesday I woke with a headache and fever. I lay in bed most of the day, wondering if I would ever get "better" and whether the upcoming surgery was going to #### me up even more. Tuesday night I was in pain from the fever, and the doc sent me antibiotic, which I took immediately.

Wednesday I woke up with the sweats: buckets of it pouring out of me, head to toe. Soaked my sheets and pillows. Managed to get myself to acupuncture, and I cried on the table as she worked on me. Emerged a bit better, especially my breathing.

Friend who does touch therapy gave me an excellent 90 minute session; calmed my nerves, got my body back into some sort of shape.

Yesterday afternoon: final surgery for kidney stones and damage, which went without a hitch. After painful recovery room stay, went home with excellent pain management plan. Daughter got me Chinese food, and I smoked some pot, ate "General Tso's Chicken" and went to bed. More sweats, but I'm feeling so much better, more energetic and optimistic.

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