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Day 519

On the subject of exes.....

Young Friend and I are walking down the street a few Sundays ago after a Mendelsohn recital.

Me: "You know, sent SexyLizardLady an email, wishing her a happy Easter...."
He: "Yeah, and?"
Me: "She wrote me back really quickly, wishing me a happy Passover...."
He: "You haven't been in contact since you broke up 6 weeks ago?"
Me: "Nope. I just needed to give it time to settle."
He: "Damned, that girl was hot!"
Me: "You know it... I loved hugging that ass of hers...."
He: "I still don't know how any fugly guy like yourself gets these beautiful women..."
Me: "Well, we've been writing back and forth for the past few days. I even invited her out to hear some music, and she said she'd like that..."
He: "Yeah?"
Me: "I wonder if maybe I could get back with her."
He: "I wouldn't count on it."
Me: "Yeah, I wouldn't either...."

But we are going out in two weeks to a Vegetarian Food Festival (yes, only in NY do those kinds of things go on....)

Meanwhile, I'm back on the dating websites, and my poor estimation of them has only gotten lower: my new strategy is to "like" everyone and see who likes back. But it don't work too great....

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    3 months ago

    Going back is never good... keep going forward....

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