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Day 293

One day back, and you're making me feel amazing, Gary

Man, I have the best manager in the world. On his first day back, Gary had the weight of the freaking world upon his shoulders-catching up on events, being read into the loop, getting back into the swing of things-and he did it all.

He called a meeting this evening and asked all of us worker bees (9 to be exact) to let him know how we are feeling things have been going lately, anything we need to catch him up to speed on, and there was a lot of complaints, unfortunately.

Charley said that yes, we've been smashing delivery, but we've got no recognition for it, just that we don't do it faster.
Beth mentioned that it's nothing but KPI's,KPI's,KPI's...and no matter if we hit our target, we are told we must get more. What?
Gary took this in and told us he will strive and do his best to make us feel appreciated and streamline things back into order. It gave us all a great sense of calm.

The real boss has returned and Harry and kindly go do one. Woohoo!

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