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Day 56

Onward and Upward, literally. (Literally?) Yes, literally. Like an aircraft.

Just read something about the informal and inaccurate use of the word 'literally' (e.g. 'I was LITERALLY gob-smacked!!' ---me, in my mind: 'really? did it hurt much? how is your gob doing? have any plans on averting inanimate things from causing you physical violence in the future?') entering the dictionary.

From mediabistro.com
'...Oxford Dictionaries begrudgingly admitted the shift: "In recent years an extended use of literally (and also literal) has become very common, where literally (or literal) is used deliberately in non-literal contexts, for added effect....'

Rather than being irritated by this development, I was just happy that someone is out there reporting on it.
A small win for the dull.
But....I'd like to think....I make dull just that bit sexier.

***Ready? Tits out: dot those 'i's! Bat those lashes! (Learn the rules so you'll know just how to break 'em...)***

All of this is my way of avoiding talking about the panic attack I had last night.

What happened? People always ask. Hormones, basically, but also....I've been letting my fear of not being able to stay in the UK get to me....and of not being able to find a decent job....and yeh, sometimes a girl just feels a bit....alone, and anxious.

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  • Beautiful Disaster Beautiful Disaster
    70 months ago

    Lol its like them albums that "literally flyi off the shelves" "DUCK!!!" and recipes "literally taking no time at all" make you have to raise a brow.

    Doesn;t the word literal comes from the Latin word littera, which means letter, so when you literally go back to the origin of the word it means letter by letter,

    I have to laugh when my friend says "I will literally bend over backwards to help you" makes me wonder how her doing the crab is going to help me sort my life out lol x

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  • I enjoy a bit of grammatical accuracy myself, so I agree wholeheartedly on that. As for the panic stuff, sounds like you have a lot going on. Are you working? Are you likely to be out of the UK soon? I guess I mean - are your fears justified? If so, the feelings are justified also. But if not, then that's a good starting point to think from if it happens again. Hormones are a bug*er, eh? xxx

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  • Salt Lick Salt Lick
    69 months ago

    aw, thanks. I am a student, and my visa expires in january of 2014. I am trying to be on top of things, as I don't want to leave it til the last minute. I am both overly-anxious and maybe a wee bit justified ;)

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  • Sexy Panda Sexy Panda
    69 months ago

    hope you are feeling better after the panic. I had one once brought on by anxiety seeing my parents, i love them but they are trying sometimes...and not on purpose.

    this video is funny, is not particularly politically correct...

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  • Salt Lick Salt Lick
    69 months ago

    hheheeheheheheheh.....nice one ;)

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