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Day 334


All got up early this morning to be out of the house by the time the cleaner came. Just as we were leaving she arrived. We stopped to talk to her as the electric garden gate closed on the car. There was a huge commotion. I thought if only I could get to where there is a sensor the gate would open and kept driving. The gate scraped the car door dramatically. Not our car which makes it even worse. Thankfully Beloved’s had plenty of scrapes in his time which kept him quiet. I told the owner when we got back in the afternoon and he actually sent me an emoji which was a face laughing with tears! True that every panel on the car is dented, but this was a big addition to the others. I told him I thought he was really cool and that we could discuss it when he had seen it and that of course we would pay. He told us not to worry. I'll wait to see what I can do.

Otherwise the day was beautiful. I walked up the hills with all the children. Beloved didn’t come because he’s hurt his toe.

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