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Day 448

Party party

We held a party on Saturday night for WH's 64th birthday.

There was WH's children, their partners and WH's grandchildren. A group of WH's friends two of which travelled from the other side of the country and one of which he had not seen for five years. Some of WH's customers, neighbours and some of my friends. Oh and WH's ex-wife!

It became quite polarised with some of the men slinking off to watch the football and three of them glued to the internet looking at guitar videos. It was my friends who drank a lot and were dancing in the garden at midnight. My dear friend (a churchwarden) swigging wine from the bottle, dancing at 90 mph and wrapping her arms round me 'you are my bestest, bestest friend, I love you' before falling in the garden.

WH said wasn't it 'nice' that his ex-wife had travelled up to celebrate his birthday. I thought she was just being a nosy cow. He can be so naive. She certainly kept out of my way (it's a big garden) and spent time with his friends. Ironically she went out of her way to stop him seeing them when they were married!

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