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Day 442

Patience is usually rewarded...

I'm reading a book I found somewhere, "The Confessions of Zeno." It's a strange book about a man undergoing psychoanalysis who is told to write his memoirs. So he writes about his life, which includes excruciating details about his marriage.

But his married life seems wonderful: his wife dotes on him, and he feels her love and care on a constant basis. The man should be in bliss, yet he is never satisfied and is contemplating finding a mistress.

Oh, if I had a partner here to curl up in bed with and love and be supportive of me, I'd be very content. Maybe.

As they sang in Zorba!, everybody wants the pilaf in someone else's pot.....

I joke with my friend: I should send away for a young woman from somewhere in the world, and tell her she can live and eat for free, do whatever she likes all day, all she has to do is greet me at the end of the day, sleep with me in bed, have sex on occasion. I'll feed her and be kind to her, and she can live a safe and secure and happy life.

Why not? There must be someone willing to take this on, no?

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