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Day 118

People are garbage. The LIST of "Goodbye Garbage" follows:

Characteristics of a Garbage Human:

1. Consistently takes the easiest route to everything in life, especially if it means stepping on people.
2. Would file for disability for a bone spur, and negatively comment towards others on disability.
3. Someone who never waits in any lines.
4. Often parks in handicapped parking stalls without permission.
5. Always speeds 15mph or more over the speed limit through residential areas with small children playing.
6. Never uses vehicle turning lanes, shoulders, center turn lanes, rear view mirror or blinkers and instead creates roadblocks for all.
7. Open mouth sneezes into other's faces or food & salad bars at restaurants.
8. This person can never be trusted. They lie about everything.
9. ALWAYS holds up the security line at the airport.
10. Pretends to know more about anything than anyone.
11. Always has an opinion with absolutely no logic or credentials to reinforce the opinion.
12. Never had money on hand, always leave wallet or purse at home, but always talks about how wealthy they are.
13. Always tangles their leashed dogs into yours no matter what and never notices.
14. Always has more grocery items than allowed in a quick-check line.
15. Starbucks is more important to this person than medicare.

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