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Day 89

People destroyed me, and then 1 pill fixed me overnight.

I'm understanding why I've been filled with anxiety for so long. People are immature and extremely needy. I was being a sweetheart and wanting to help others most of my life. Instead, with no boundaries, I was eaten alive by all of them by the time I was 45 years old.

People around you can drain you so dry that there's nothing left of YOU. People have intentionally forced their lives upon me when I had more important things to tend to for myself. People have forced their toxic behavior on me for years for being a nice guy when I didn't want to be friends in the first place.

I regret spending so much of my life with the WRONG PEOPLE.

Sad and toxic.

It's taken decades to realize this, but friends are as serious an issue as significant others. You MUST observe them (like dating) before allowing them into your life. Those friends that DIVE into your personal life too fast typically cause more hysteria than desired. Lunch dates, public places, and short periods similar to first dates are the only ways I've learned to keep my boundaries up to protect my mental well being.

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