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Day 29

Permanent Paradise or Temporary Madness, know which I would prefer!

Woke up this morning feeling forced to feel my void . Mum Passed 10 years ago. I deal with it very well as I have no choice. My non selfish voice simply tells me she is much better up in heaven as it is a beautiful place. She is now settled in and there for good. We however still have to go day by day in the shitty arse world wondering when our time will come. Making plans , thinking about the hurt and the heartache to come. This helps me not ponder on her being there , a part of me has at time been known to be envious of these facts.

I just need to tell myself to stop looking at my Facebook page on days like this as it feels like an overdoes of loss reading all the posts to the mums, or spending the rest of the day reassuring friends who have lost too all is not that bad.

So instead of moping I will be lighting a candle to celebrate my mums freedom and liberation in the life she now lives beyond the stars...And keep that in mind not just today but every day !

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  • Elvira Moo Elvira Moo
    90 months ago


  • Scarlett Scarlett
    90 months ago


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  • life of pain life of pain
    90 months ago

    thinking about you sweetie xxxxx

  • runcicle runcicle
    90 months ago

    Not necessarily beyond the stars, Beautiful Disaster. We are each surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. Your mum may well still be one of them.

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  • Beautiful Disaster Beautiful Disaster
    90 months ago

    So True that's why I continue to watch my ways lol , she was a tough cookie x

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