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Day 42

Permanently Official. New recipe in development.

I signed my contract today. I start Monday as an official employee of the company. My salary is 14k with room for advancement. I am over the moon.

I have been developing a recipe for a few days:

Mediterranean rice: take some rice, I've not decided white or brown I suppose both would work, but I'll try both and let you know. So, whilst it's cooking, roast 2 peppers, red and yellow, get the skins all blackened, skin the majority off, leaving the bits that stay on. Grill 2 Chilli peppers longer red ones and a few small ones for heat. Fry some shallots in a little red wine vinegar.

Roast a bulb of smoked garlic, and grill some tomatoes, skinning and deseeding them when cool enough to handle. I only want to use the flesh.

Mix the vegetables in a bowl, add to the rice and serve, warm/cold according to preference. I think this would work as both a main or a side. With a glass of chardonnay perhaps?

I was thinking of adding a few slices of lemon/ a squeeze of the juice,
Also, some pancette.

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  • Waiting for a life Waiting for a life
    88 months ago

    Fantastic news.
    Caution with the acid being used - you've go vinegar and lemon juice but want to have white wine too.
    Also what about herbs?
    Pancetta good but pheasant or Poussin good too - maybe add a little sweetness by roasting the fowl in honey and add the chill?
    Brown nice - wild maybe a bit nuttier?

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  • Sara Sara
    88 months ago

    Congrats about the job. The recipe does have a familiar ring to it, though only lemon juice used here.

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