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Day 5


I waited for lust, love and care. I had romance, adventure and spice. He came and went with much respect, why couldn't he stay for life?

The time we shared was sacred and nice, when he went my mind froze to ice. You left and broke my heart in two. Why couldn't it be me, not you?

You have gone away to a better place, may you rest in peace be bold and brave. Why, does it hurt so much, you gave me happiness I love you so much.

To heaven you go, ill always remember you. Through the summer and winter, the wind and rain I will always remember the wonderful man you became.

Joy and laughter filled my life, now I am alone and afraid. I have no one to talk to, no one at all. I need your love, I need your support. I need you here with me but that cannot be.

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