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Day 611

Pooped is an understatement

It was a long hard day at work. But I went in, got my work done, although somewhat hindered by the slow coach. It really makes things hard for everyone when someone just wont move themselves. Then I left on time. But Im so thankful that it finsally Friday. Let the weekend begin.

Had a good laugh with T and L over something that happened yesterday. You have got to have a laugh I think, lifes too short not to. And I nearly always find something to laugh about. Too many people take life too seriously dont they.

Tomorrow I will be out with V for the evening. Its going to be great to spend time with him and meet up with his friends.

Id better get my beauty sleep, I want to look and feel good tomorrow.

Hope everyone is keeping well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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