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Day 443

Precious times

I have never been a morning person but in the last few months I have found that, particularly at the weekends, I am waking earlier. I delight in quietly dressing and creeping downstairs (usually accompanied by a cat) to make coffee and sit in the silence of the day.

The coffee made, I usually let the chickens out, revelling in the dew drenched grass. Hugo, the cockerel, doodle-do's, stretching his wings and proclaiming his territory.

Particularly now that it is light and warm in the mornings I like to sit in the garden surrounded by birdsong. A book or magazine to read.

I find it is a precious quiet time, time to be by myself, time to just be . . . I resent intrusion into this time.

It is just for me.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    11 months ago

    It sounds blissful WD. There have been a couple of morning where I have been awake just before the crack of dawn, and the sounds of the birds are phenomenal. The world was still but for those birds. Xx

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