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Day 433

Putting a toe in the water v self-doubt

I have now revised and updated my CV.

I have now sent it to a recruitment company, contacted another couple of recruitment companies about whether to send via email or LinkedIn and contacted a prospective employer direct.

The voice in my head, my inner critic, is screaming that I can't do this. It's hard not to crumble and buckle, but I am stepping out to ensure that I can look after my children. That I can provide stability for them.

This is harder to do than I thought it would be.

No-one in the house to encourage me or support me. No-one that can give me a hug and reassure me.

Just need to keep digging deep and hope I don't run out...

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Less you do less you feel your able to do.. but you have all the encouragement in front of you.. your children... The worst thing you'll get is experience and that's priceless !

  • Plume de nom Plume de nom
    10 months ago

    Thank you, dancing banana. ;-)

    I'll get through it. I've got a consultation with a life coach on Thursday, so hopefully I can continue to work with her. She's also doing a feature in her Facebook group on Confidence and Self-esteem over the next few weeks. I hope that will help as well.

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