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Day 133

Queen Procrastinator & Bro Night

Half of a workday, and I haven't done much. Just cleaned the kitchen, placed a few maintenance requests, and now I'm sitting here - sipping my earl grey latte and browsing the web. How do I already feel burned out in the first full week of the new year? I'm drained, and I really want to spend a day outdoors with a book and a cocktail down by the lake at our apartment. I've tried to be outside at the end of my work day, but by the time I get home (much like the time I leave in the mornings) it's dark out. Maybe this weekend I can finally re-charge, now that I'm no longer sick. What does the sun look like again? lol

Honeybun spent the night at Bear & Raven's last night for "Bro Time" = Playing video games. He's gotten much better with his alcohol addiction! Bear, however, is still drinking in excess and was apparently upset that Honeybun passed out "early" at 10:30 PM. Considering Honeybun has to be at work before dawn, we think he should be more understanding. Honeybun came home around 1:40 AM and crawled into bed, frustrated with his brother's moodiness.

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