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Day 740

Rainbow over the reservoir....

I was actually here last X-mas Eve with Sonny and Daughter. I just looked at the photo: we were bundled up, the mountains behind us. I had just finished hormone therapy, and the sciatica was just starting in my right foot (I didn't know it was sciatica at the time; I just thought it was one of the stress fractures I get in it now and then....)

Today I walked along the walkway, and on my way back, this rainbow appeared. I took a photo, looked at my phone, and as I looked it up just dissolved into the backgrounds. Gone like that.

NewGal is in distress: her dad is dying, heart failure, and she is overloaded by work. She works for the Department of Education, and of course they want her to ramp up their "distance learning game," which has to be up and running yesterday.

And to make matters worse, it's questionable whether we can be physically together for a while: we both have our own issue (hers from a stroke, mine from cancer), so minimizing contact with anybody or anything is the key to keeping us healthy. I won't even be hugging my kids for at least 8 weeks.....

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