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Day 422

RavDiablo has a birthday - aging is not his problem....

A riddle: my birthday was last Wednesday, so now I am the same age as the last two digits of the year I as born. How old am I?

People in my immediate family did not live a long time; my older sister never reached 50, my mother made it to 54 and my younger sister just one year longer. We all thought my dad was going to live at least another 10 years, but he went at 76.

Depending on how you parse the numbers, I may have another year (unlikely), but I'm hopeful I can make it to my mid 70s, so throw on 16 more years.

Heading to work that day, I reflected on the years I have left. I'll see my kids reach their mid to late 30s, one will make it to 50 before I pass and my granddaughter to 20. So that's pretty satisfying.

But as the years pass, I age further away from the family I had, the ones who surrounded me in my early years, and because none of them survived, there's very little to remember, share or reconsider. My origin story is disappearing with the years, as I alone have to carry it.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    9 months ago

    Interesting Rav
    But how long would you really like to live?

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