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Day 429

Reaching out & am I a Dominator?

Just back in from lunch with a friend & ex-colleague. He didn't get the answer he was expecting when he asked how the family was.

Also, during a conversation with my estranged wife last week, she dared me to read "Living with the Dominator", as she was still saying that I was emotionally, psychologically and financially abusive. So I have done.

As soon as I was off the phone, I ordered a copy. It came yesterday. I've now finished it. I can agree that I had a few of the behaviours listed, but I had far more of the behaviours listed by the good counterpoints to each of the Dominators.

Does that make me a Dominator? I don't think it does.

No-one is without faults, but if I look dispassaionately at myself as a whole, then I cannot see how my estranged wife classes me as a Dominator.

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