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Day 407

Reconciling Friday the 13th: Once my "luckiest day"

Friday/13 don't come around that often, but now that there's one tomorrow, I'm going to pick me up a lottery ticket. I know I'll never win, but it's a talisman, a reminder of what I had with Charmante and how things can go so wrong.

Our first date was Friday, February 13th, and it went long, into the morning of Saturday, February 14th, which I'm sure you know what day that is.... and so we built a fiction about Friday/13 being our luckiest day, and celebrated it over and over again.

It's not like we didn't love one another - to the very end, I know we felt affection, a pull that was indescribable. But it couldn't last, because even though there was love, there wasn't enough "like." She found me arrogant and obnoxious, I found her judgey and irresponsible. She started arguments that I wanted to avoid, and I got angry when she perseverated with things that were clearly nonsensical.

So I carry all that around with me, this Friday/13; I keep all sorts of relics around here - a few notes from her are pinned to my refrigerator, affections from a long lost time, 6 months ago to the day.

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