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Day 8

Removal (and How It Came To A Close: The Act)

So, managing to continue with my life, and have removed all thoughts of her, well, almost.
Had a fantastic swim and feeling alive now, other than that it's been a fairly 'average' day, but have gained more motivation for my studies. Another plus.
So, I'll continue, maybe even finish the story...
We stopped kissing, looked at each other and began to undress. She commented on liking my boxers, then removing them, placed her lips around me. Teeth got in the way, but it was still good feeling.
Then we tried '69ing' which worked well. I enjoyed pushing my tongue inside her as well as using my fingers; the sweet taste of her almost springs back to my tongue as I think of it.
Then it was time. I placed myself inside her and began to rock back and forth. Gently, slowly; pushing further each time. She moaned and I felt her tighten around me. Then.... her phone rang.
Now, in my experience people tend to carry on, but she decided, me mid thrust, to answer it. She motioned for me to pull out and place my manhood between her breasts. I obliged and she continued to stroke me as she spoke to a mutual friend...

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