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Day 4

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He told me that his "colleagues" from the office downloaded Tinder on his phone to have fun. I have not really used it so I was a bit unsure what to check about it but the pure reality was right under my nose that he had it. He claimed that he just gave his phone to those 2 guys from the office to do whatever they pleased to do with his phone and in this way he was having a conversation with them, making friends in this very pathetic way as I were to believe. At that moment I wanted to believe him. He showed me the matches and the conversations with 2 people that he actually knows from that ####### office and one woman from Canada that he asked to "have a coffee with" while he will be in Canada and she did not reply to him. He was like "If I wanted to cheat on you why would I have invited you to show you the places that matter for me, why would I make an effort about you?" and I wanted to be convinced. But when I think about it again it is not okay at all.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    13 months ago

    If it was an app that his colleagues down loaded why disnt he just delete it. And why did he ask somone out for coffee? He sounds like hes playing you..

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