Day 350


I started my journal over 6 years ago; I was facing up to an unsatisfying marriage. I still don't believe I ever was a Mrs.
Times were dark and it was tough for us both. Luckily I was able to exorcise here and made new friends.

Then I met someone . Completely not my type. And in this past 6 years we have moved 3 times and bought stuff together. More recently we have bought a 'grown up' house and together we have worked bloody hard to make a home. It's been hard; we've had no washing facilities, we lost our kitchen, we lost our heating and we slept in the lounge for 3 months. But we've done it together, without a bitter word.
It HAS been hard work, but we're near the end. And I'm so glad ;for PC and community for the support and encouragement through the darkness, for some special people in my life who have been there when needed, for NewMan turning up in my life and for me, for getting me here in one piece.
Life is hard, in varying degrees, but we are blessed in ways we may never understand.
Enjoy every day xx

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