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Day 405

S W E E T !

Life is sweet. It has its hurdles, but I'm in a place where I finally feel I can make decisions and validate them rather than stifle my voice and allow resentment and anger to build inside. All because I took a detour. I can't get work over here. It's nepotistic so usually I fall at that hurdle and it's seasonal which doesn't work well in a remote environment when others rely on you for transport.

So I stopped fighting the brick wall and instead took a direction which is unlikely to provide an income, but which makes me happy, tickles my creative juices and most of all validates my place on this planet. My husband is expecting me to dash out the door and photograph weddings, pets, schoolchildren; but I don't see life like that. My dream is to do what I want. And I want to photograph what I want. I DON'T want to ruin something I love by turning it into a chore.

I haven't picked up the camera in weeks. It used to be surgically attached to my hand. But experience has made me calm and I can luxuriate in conceiving my next project.

Life's a journey. SWEET!

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  • Yours is sweet mine is calm. A reception for a bit of happiness perhaps? As I mentioned before - I ❤️ This photo.

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  • Anon de Plume Anon de Plume
    32 months ago

    I think we learned to not sweat the small stuff, to let it go and to slow life down so we can savour each moment. Thank you not Waiting Any More x

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